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How We Got Here…

Hi, I’m Ty Woods, owner of Tydal Wave Creative. After designing websites with a partner for 3 years I decided to go it alone in the spring of 2009. I created Tydal Wave with the sole intention of continuing to build basic, local, information based websites for local businesses.  That plan went right out the window with my first new client. He wanted a redesign for his E-Commerce site. I’d never done that before, which is pretty common for most designers.  I originally tackled it just like any other website, but soon came to realize that E-Commerce is different and it demands a different strategy.

Over the next 2 years we re-platformed, re-designed & re-thought his entire store. I took a job working tirelessly at just this one website.  It afforded me a special opportunity that many other designers don’t get, the chance to be immersed in every aspect of the business.  You name it and we’ve done it. We expanded a product catalog from 200 items to over 10,000. Integrated with Amazon and other marketplaces. Revamped and automated internal order processing systems.  Completely restructured the network of the business. Expanded the staff 5 fold while expanding the sales 15 fold.

We’re there any bumps? Lots of them.  I’ve been to every E-Commerce conference across the United States, listened to hundreds of vendor demo calls, and tried almost every ‘Guaranteed 10% Gain’.  I’ve employed vendors who didn’t deliver and some that didn’t even stick around.  I’ve spent budgets 3 times what are actually necessary to succeed in formulating the services we offer today.  It’s that experience that powers Tydal Wave for our current clients. We can help you avoid the pitfalls, choose the right vendors, allocate your budget properly and grow your business.

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope to hear from you soon!

 ~ Ty Woods

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