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Choosing the right Search Engine Optimization vendor is one of the most confusing avenues a company can go down.  Vendors will guarantee top 10 rankings and overload you with endless analysis in a whirlwind sales pitch that can feel like you’re dealing with Snake Oil Salesmen. Even the snazziest of pitches can result in hiring a company that will  pull out all the stops and break all the rules to show you improvement.

Don’t wager your search rankings in the hands of companies that may be using unethical tactics to show you results. Just ask site owners who were hit with Penguin penalties for unnatural links how tough it is to recover. Hint: Really, really tough.  E-Commerce SEO done wrong can be an unending nightmare to fix, which makes this one of the most important decisions your company will make.

Tydal Wave offers relationships with trustworthy and proven vendors who use ethical tactics to improve your site’s rankings in a natural fashion.  We will optimize on-site signals to be their most effective, while utilizing white hat methods to improve your external profile online.  Don’t roll the dice, roll with us.

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