E-Commerce Website Design

Is your store responsive?

No, we aren’t talking about your ability to answer customers, we’re talking about mobile and tablet compatible, all from the same design.  The days of building a special site for mobile and tablet interfaces has gone as quickly as it arrived.  With HTML5 and CSS3 stores are now being built with 1 design that serves all screen sizes and devices.  No more .mobi domains are necessary, no more complicated tracking and broken links to ‘mobile.’ subdomains.

Tydal Wave was started as a website design company, it’s truly the road that lead us into E-Commerce in the first place. Our E-Commerce Web Development team loves speed, clean design, properly placed elements and silky smooth checkout processes.   Our goal is a site built on so many ‘best practices’ that it can’t help but sell product.  We build unique websites and get stunning results.

Services include:

  • Logo Design
  • Site Design
  • 3rd Party Integrations
Cart Re-Platforming

Have you outgrown your current store?  Sick of a platform that is slow or doesn’t have the customization that you need?  We have the answer.  Tydal Wave designs and builds on Magento & 3DCart platforms.  If you’re looking for a endlessly customizable cart then Magento is for you.  Magento carts require special hosting and server maintenance which can lead to larger cost and maintenance fees.

Have you tried Magento and found that you need something more user friendly with a powerful company behind it? 3DCart is your answer.  A stable and fast platform with great customer services and reliability.  We’ve built some of our most successful stores on 3DCart.

We’ll oversee the design of your new store, the transfer of your data and the switching of your domain information to move you where the grass really is greener.

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