Landon makes $2 on a sale of Product A and $12 on a sale of Product B.  His PPC company reports back a conversion cost of $8 per sale overall.  Is Landon making money?


Well it depends how many of those sales were Product B, right?

Shockingly most SEM companies don’t really know and they don’t really care. They use software to automate your campaigns and simply input acceptable levels of ROI for your entire catalog of items.  You could be losing hundreds or thousands of dollars on rogue ads that are kept in rotation as long as the overall numbers allow it. This is an irresponsible method of  spending your ad budget and it’s not what we offer at Tydal Wave.

Our clients demanded a more sensible approach to AdWords and our vendors deliver just that.  PPC Management services that are specially tailored to E-Commerce sites like yours. Contact us today and get started fine tuning for profit!